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General Conditions and Requirements

Ferrum College students whose enrollment has been interrupted may apply for readmission. Interested students should submit a request for readmission and subsequently be cleared by the Registrar’s Office, Student Accounts, Student Affairs, and the Office of Academic Affairs. Students must provide official transcripts if they have taken any courses at another institution since leaving Ferrum College.

Students must resolve any outstanding financial obligations before their request for readmission to the College can be processed. Students should contact the Student Accounts office at 540.365.4239 if they are aware of any financial problems in this regard.

Readmission Process

Students seeking readmission should submit a statement to the Dean of Admissions reflecting on their time away from the College and provide their plan for success if readmitted. Thereafter, a Readmission Form will be provided and is required to initiate the review process.

Requests can be emailed to; faxed to 540.365.4243; or mailed to:

Ferrum College Admissions Office
Attn:  Readmission
P.O. Box 1000
Ferrum, VA  24088

Requests from students who left on academic warning or probation will be reviewed by the Admissions and Registrar Offices. Requests from students who left as a result of academic suspension will be reviewed in consultation with Academic Affairs, after which academic and financial aid appeals may be necessary. Full-time students who leave the College and are readmitted will be subject to meeting the requirements of the current College Catalog (refer to the Academic Policies section).

Nondiscrimination Statement

Ferrum College does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran status, sex, disability, or any other protected status in admission to, access to, treatment in or employment in its programs and activities.

Readmission Contact

Shannon Peters
Manager of Admissions Operations
Office: 540.365.4298